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Here are questions and comments sent by Mezzo guests.
You are welcome to fill in the blanks below if you have requests, questions, or comments.

pFWhat does the hotel name, gMezzoh, mean?

`F It means gmiddleh, gmoderateh, ghalfh, etc. in Italian. Our concept is of ga relaxing space between home and officeh, gBetween a city hotel and?a conventional business hotelh. Thatfs why we named it.

pFWhat is check-in time and check-out time?

`F We request that you check-in after 3:00 pm and check-out by 11:00 am.

pFIs there any curfew?

`F No. Reception is open 24-hours.

pFIs payment required on check-in?

`F Yes, it is. We basically request it on check-in, so you can check-out quickly.

pFAre any credit cards accepted?

`F Almost all credit cards are accepted.

pFIs there a charge for cancellations?

`F Cancellations for hotel room reservations must be received before 3:00 pm on the expected day of arrival. If cancellations are not received, we will charge all room rates. (Other cancellation policies apply for groups of 10 and over.)

pFCan I request late departure?

`F Late departure is not a problem. BUT departures after 1:00 pm will be subject to a one night charge.

pFAre there any non-smoking rooms?

`F There are non-smoking rooms on one floor. We pay close attention to odors in every room. BUT please request a non-smoking room when you reserve just in case.

pFAre there any twin-bed rooms?

`F We regret there are no twin-bed rooms. All rooms at this hotel are one-bed@rooms.

pFWhat amenities do you have?

`F Shampoo & conditioner, soap, toothbrush & toothpaste, cotton swabs are provided. There is no hairbrush, no comb, etc.

pFWhat facilities are there in guest rooms?

`F There is a hairdryer, a hot-pot, and a stocked refrigerator.

pFIs parking available?

`F Parking is free. (about 25 cars capacity)

pFAre there any restaurants or convenience stores near the hotel?

`F There is a restaurant within 5 minutesf walk and a convenience store within a 1 minute walk.

pFWhat kind of breakfast is offered?

`F You need to reserve your breakfast at check-in time or on the day before. You can help yourself to a buffet breakfast with bread, rice, miso soup, appetizer, grilled fish, beverages, etc. except for egg. Price: 600 yen.

pFCan you accept my luggage before arrival?

`F No problem. Also we would be glad to store your bags before check-in and after check-out.

pFIs the Internet available in hotel rooms?

`F High-speed Internet connections are available in all rooms. You can rent a?cable and set-up manual as well. Please ask at reception.

We welcome other questions in addition to the above. Please feel free to contact us.
We welcome your comments.
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