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  Handa Municipal Museum
    History, Nature, Industry, Local Facts, etc. You'll see real floats. 0569-23-7173
  Museum of Vinegar "SU no SATO"
    2you'll see how vinegar has been made for more than 200 years. 0569-24-5111
  Cultural Museum of SAKE
    An introduction to SAKE history and you can enjoy tasting. 0569-23-1499
  Niimi Nankichi Monument
    exhibition of dioramas and the works of Mr. Niimi. For example, "Gongitsune". 0569-26-4888
  Joraku Temple
    The idol of this temple is a Nationally Important Cultural Treasure. One of the most famous SAMURAI
-- Mr. Ieyasu Tokugawa -- was a visitor.
  Mr. Nakano's House
    his European style house built in 1911 is now an Important Cultural Treasure 0569-21-0156
  Kamisaki Temple
    Many people come for a newborn baby's first visit and for traditional devotion to keep kids away from insects. 0569-28-0019
  World Tile Museum
    You'll see many kinds of tiles from all over the world, study and discover. 0569-34-8282
  Koi no Mizu Shrine
    The spiritual water in this shrine is effective against Lovesickness. 0569-87-2441
  Noma Daibou
    The grave of Mr. Yoshitomo Minamoto with illustrated pictures. 0569-87-0050
  Kariyado Park
    you'll see the whole of Handa City and meet Japanese monkeys. 0569-21-3111
(City Hall)
  Handa Ryokuchi Park
    At the observatory and on the grass field in the park, you can feel the breeze from Kinuura Bay and
Mikawa Bay.
(City Hall)
  Kamezaki Beach
    A shellfish gathering festival is held here and you can enjoy fishing as well. 0569-21-3111
(City Hall)
  Fureai Pool
    It's a popular pool for kids with a long slide. 0569-26-6661
  Gongitsune Hot Spring
    Natural Hot Spring in Gongitsune's village. 0569-27-8878
  Handa Golf Links
    Seaside Golf Course with lakes and creeks. 0569-24-2775
  Tokoname Motorboat Races
    You'll enjoy yourself with comfortable air-conditioning and full facilities. 0569-35-5211
  Tokoname City Pool
    There is a new pool with warm water in this center inside Oso Park. 0569-35-0454
  Minami-Chita Seaworld
    You can enjoy the dolphin shows there on the Chita Peninsula. 0569-87-2000
  Utsumi Beach
    It's the most famous and biggest beach in Aichi Prefecture and there is a natural hot spring called "Shirasuna no Yu" 0569-65-0711
(Town Hallj
  Shirasuna no Yu
    A Hot Spring to refresh your health at Utsumi Beach. 0569-62-2600
  Chita Country Club
    Golf Course with 27 challenging holes. 0569-73-2111
  Minami-Aichi Country Club
    Golf Course with a beautiful view like a tropical island. 0569-88-5522
  Handa Space Science Museum
    here is a planetarium and a space observatory where you can experience being in the sky and space. 0569-23-7175
  Ceramics Hall
    It's the starting point of Ceramics' Walk. 0569-35-2038
    Savor fish and shellfish, fresh and grilled. 0569-82-6188
  Grape Picking
    You can pick grapes in Obu and Higashiura. 0562-47-2111
(Town Hallj
(Town Hallj
  Sera Mall
    Many Tokoname Ceramics shops. 0569-43-7111
  Toyohama Fish Plaza
    Fresh fish and processed marine products are available for home delivery. 0569-65-0483
  Ebi-senbei no Sato
    You can tour a shrimp cracker factory and take some home. 0569-82-0248@
  Nihon Fukushi University
    Learning centers citizens can use. 0569-20-0111
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